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Digital TOT Retrofit

Digital TOT Retrofit Systems

Innovations in microprocessor technology have made it possible for Soloy Aviation Solutions to provide an alternate to the older mechanical T.O.T. indicating systems. The digital T.O.T. system has built-in redundancy with digital and analog displays on separate circuits. It has eliminated the need for continuous re-calibration, and provides excellent reliability. With its high degree of accuracy, the digital T.O.T. allows the operator to better utilize engine power settings and to more easily monitor this critical aspect of engine performance at a glance. Soloy offers retrofit kits for the following aircraft:

  • Tradewind Turbines Propjet A36 Bonanza FAA (STC # SA00639SE), Kit # 887-1000-1
  • Soloy Cessna 206 (included in STC # SA2353NM), Kit # 763-SL-19
  • Soloy Cessna 207 (included in STC # SA3322NM), Kit # 764-SL-07 Soloy ALLSTAR AS350D, B, BA with Rolls-Royce 250-C30M engine, Part of STC SH8344SW
  • (call for price and availability)