Inflight Turbine Training

Piston to Turbine Transition Training

For a lot of pilots the goal of flying a light jet can seem like an unreachable goal. It’s rare to come across an opportunity to fly a turboprop aircraft with just a private pilot rating, with complex and high performance endorsements. Yet this is exactly what Soloy’s turbine conversions offer. The Mark II presents a new world of opportunities in an aircraft many pilots are already comfortable flying. With as little as five hours dual training and a few days of ground school, you can become proficient to fly the turbine Cessna 206 MKII as PIC (Pilot in Command). The fewer moving parts of the turboprop engine in comparison with its piston cousins, provides fewer vibrations and smooth engine operation for a stress free flight environment.  The power control lever offers the familiarity of a Cessna throttle lever, and with a few additional adjustments, pilots are able to operate the plane in full beta mode for shorter ground roll and superior taxi speed control. Once you experience the rush of the turbine spooling up and the power of the engine pressing you rearward into your seat, you’ll agree the performance is worth the investment.