Each design is based on a unique set of requirements, yours. Soloy engineers and designers make certain that your project is fully understood and defined to ensure part designs that will work usually the first time they are made and tested. Soloy utilizes 3D solid modeling software, Siemens Unigraphics NX, to prove out a concept and idea before any metal is bent or any chips are cut. In fact, you will see your design in a 3D model before the drawings are ever made.

Today’s manufacturing world is continuing to change and evolve, but we find that most programs still require 2D drawings that can be sent to a machine shop or used for installation or modification of an aircraft. Soloy’s designers and engineers have a wealth of experience from which to draw in producing highly accurate and technical aerospace drawings that also meet the requirements of ASME Y14.M for geometric tolerancing and dimensioning. Additionally, Soloy drawings carry the latest callouts for material specifications, processes and inspection requirements.