Rapid Prototyping / Tooling

prototyping-3A Soloy developed product is easily prototyped, quickly, in a number of ways. If it is just a functional prototype that you require, we can create the part with the intention of printing it as a 3D part. We will model and design your prototype with the expectation of utilizing additive manufacturing process. Many times a fully functional prototype may be produced. Alternatively, we can also use our experience to create nearly final part shapes from waterjet components. Finally, our machining, paint, metal forming, welding and thermoforming processes are all in house. Soloy is a fully integrated manufacturer and this extends throughout the entire manufacturing process. Except for a few outside processing steps, we control our own lead time and deliver parts to you, when you need them! If it is speed for a real part that you desire, we can get started whenever you are ready with a final design.

Soloy tooling can be divided into two categories. Detail tooling to make parts such as a metal forming die or assembly tooling. Soloy builds and manufactures most of its own parts. Therefore, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. We can develop your installation tooling and assembly jigs and fixtures after understanding your assembly requirements and procedures. If it is just a few parts, then mostly hand layouts may be used. If you envision a production run, then the tooling is made to be more robust and will handle years of assembly work.