Aerospace testing brings with it a unique set of criteria and a different challenge for each test setup. Soloy has performed its own testing for product development since our inception in 1969. This has led to a multitude of successfully completed tests and as a result, we have many test reports, photos and results from which to reference. In other words, your testing project will benefit from our current capabilities and our past experience. Whether it is a fully instrumented flight test program, dynamic seat test, landing gear drop test, fuel system test, or other component test, Soloy has successfully completed it in the past. Let us take a look at your test and we can help to develop the test plan or just perform your test per the existing approved plan. Soloy’s in house DAR/DMIR/DER support team will help to minimize the flow time for conformity inspections for all FAA conformed and witnessed testing.

Soloy Observers Seat Crash Worthiness Test