Type Certification

type-certificationOver the years, Soloy has supported and developed certified products for rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft.  Type certified products range from installation of modified cabin headliner to a major modification that includes a different engine.  Each project begins with a face to face meeting at the FAA where the program requirements and certification challenges are discussed.  Prior to this meeting a Project Specific Certification Plan must be developed.  This is your roadmap for certification and is a living document that lists the agreed to path for certification.  Soloy uses its years of expertise to create a certification plan that meets FAA regulations, but does it in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  These decisions are based upon experience and knowing whether an item should be redesigned before proceeding, certified using test, analysis or similarity.  Ultimately, our goal for any project is to perform the required certification activities and gain PMA so you can sell your product and let others benefit from it.  Soloy can help you get across the finish line to reach certification on your PMA, TC or STC project.