Soloy Aviation Solutions started in the 1970’s with successful engine conversions for the Hiller 12E and followed on with the Bell 47, AS350D and Bell 206 series helicopters. All along the way developing new products that increase performance, operational safety and productivity. During the 1980’s Soloy repeated these successes with introduction of the Rolls-Royce powered fixed wing aircraft like the Cessna 206, 207 and Beechcraft A36.

Soloy Cessna 206H MKII Sentinel

Fixed Wing

With the ability to develop and approve aviation related products it was a natural progression to add accessories that increase productivity and safety. These products that can be found through this website allow the Soloy operator to get the most out of the Soloy conversion.

C206 | C207 | C208 | Dual Pac | Turbine Pac | C206 MKI | Airvan 8 (Mahindra)



The company has always included a rotorcraft product and has kept abreast with market and technology advances. The development of less complex turbine engine to turbine engine, more complex piston engine to turbine on up to single turbine engine to twin engine turbine conversions resulted in a company with vast amounts of experience to draw from for future programs.

AS350 | Bell 206 | Portable Heliport