Fixed Wing

In order to introduce a small turbine powered airplane, Soloy first produced their own certified turbo prop version of the Rolls-Royce 250 engine previously used in the helicopter conversion.  The Soloy Turbine Pac was installed in the Cessna 206 then later the Cessna 207.  The Soloy Turbine Pac enhanced operational capabilities for these Cessna  aircraft especially those on floats or used for sky diving operations.  In addition, Soloy has developed many improvements for mature designs using original Soloy systems or power plants that were not available to the original aircraft manufacturer.



The second generation turbine powered Cessna 206H MKII utilizes the 450 horsepower Rolls-Royce 250-B17F/2 engine.


C206 Mods

Soloy has developed many airframe modifications that compliment and increase utilization of the Cessna 206 airplane.


The 8 place Cessna 207 conversion utilizes the 418 horsepower Soloy Turbine Pac with the Rolls-Royce 250-C20S turboshaft engine.

208 Door Stay 030


Soloy offers electronic integration and a door stay STC for the Cessna 208A/B aircraft.

Soloy Dual Pac

Dual Pac

This unique twin engine single propeller powerplant is available for new airplane design.

Soloy Turbine Pac

Turbine Pac

The versatile Soloy reduction gearbox allows for various configurations for unique designs.
Soloy C206 MKI

C206 MKI

The Soloy legacy product was the first FAA approved turbine single engine Cessna 206 and is the basis of the new Soloy turbine powered Cessna T206H MKII.

A36 TOT Kit

The Soloy Diamond J Turbine Outlet Temperature (TOT) STC for the Tradewind Turbine A36 Bonanza provides accurate TOT temperature readings in digital and analog formats.