Soloy MKII Turbine 206

Every pilot will tell you the Cessna 206 is the most capable six-place, high-wing airplane in the world. They will also tell you the 206’s piston engine limits its ability to fulfill its performance potential.


Not your typical bolt-on conversion.

That all changed in 1985 when Soloy Aviation Solutions created the Mark I conversion program that changed-out the 206’s Continental TIO-520 for a new Rolls-Royce/Allison 250 turboshaft engine. By offering better performance, safety and value, the Mark I delivered everything 206 pilot/operators were looking for.

Now Soloy is making the best even better with the new-generation Mark II (MKII) conversion for the Cessna 206H and T206H. Among the MKII’s many advancements is the upgraded 450 SHP, Rolls-Royce 250-B17/F2 engine/gearbox, a selection of Soloy developed and STC’d modifications, state of the art avionics and much more.

Soloy’s Mark II is not your ‘typical’ bolt-on conversion. From the aerodynamically clean cowling to the new engine mounts to the latest electrical system components, every detail of the conversion is created using the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques so the MKII stands up to the harsh, off-airport and on-water operations its owner/pilots demand. The OEM would be proud.

The perfect balance of size, performance and value.

Power when you want it.

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, operating from land or water, upgrading to the new Soloy MKII conversion will give you a lot more of what you need – payload and performance. You’ll have a lot more power – 150 shaft additional horsepower and 170 pounds lighter – and that translates into better overall performance, shorter runways with much longer TBO’s. In addition, you will be burning Jet A so there’s no worries about the availability and often higher cost of 100LL fuel. Plus, you’re covered the world over by Rolls-Royce’s global support network.

If you currently own a Cessna 206H or T206H or are looking for the ultimate six-place, high-wing single on wheels, on floats or on duty, your best overall choice is Soloy’s unequalled MKII conversion.

FAA Certified

MKII Turbine 206


  • 417 shp Recommended TBO
    3,500 hrs
  • Length
    30 ft 4 in
  • Height
    10 ft 2 in
  • Wingspan
    36 ft
  • Wing area
    174 sq ft
  • Power loading
    8.6 lb/shp
  • Basic empty weight
    2,140 lb
  • Max ramp weight
    3,617 lb
  • Max takeoff weight
    3,600 lb
  • Max useful load,
    1,477 lb
  • Payload w/ full fuel
    894 lb
  • Fuel Capacity, std
    87 gal/583 lb


3600 LBS. SEA LEVEL 15˚C
  • Takeoff distance, ground roll
    705 ft
  • Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle
    1,190 ft
  • Rate of climb, sea level
    1,635 fpm
  • @ Max power setting, 18,000 ft
    185 ktas kt/548 nm (165 pph, 25 gph)
  • @ Max range setting, 18,000 ft
    146 kt/550 nm (117 pph/17.5 gph)
  • Max operating altitude
    20,000 ft
  • Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle
    2,085 ft
  • Landing distance, ground roll
    620 ft

Limiting and recommended airspeeds

  • VX (best angle of climb)
    70 KIAS
  • VY (best rate of climb)
    87 KIAS
  • VA (design maneuvering)
    125 KIAS
  • VFE (max flap extended)
    140 KIAS
  • VMO (max operating speed)
    150 KIAS
  • VS1 (stall, clean)
    55 KIAS
  • VSO (stall, in landing configuration)
    42 KIAS