MKII Sentinel On Duty


Introducing the Soloy MKII Sentinel. Developed specifically to meet the needs of law enforcement and government agencies, the Sentinel can do practically any surveillance mission currently performed by a helicopter at about one-third the price to buy and operate.

The Sentinel has a long list of Soloy STC’d special features including a fully-articulated Observer’s Seat, large left side window, wingmounted camera mount capable of attaching virtually all cameras up to 18” and 100 lbs., 200 amp generator and more.

With a typical speed of 175+ knots and a fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engine, the Sentinel can get on station faster and loiter longer than any conventional helicopter. Plus, with its available five-blade composite propeller, the Sentinel is practically undetectable at altitude.


Soloy’s MKII Sentinel: Law Enforcement Optional STC’s.

Soloy’s MKII Sentinel package offers an array of optional STC’d upgrades tailored to meet the needs of today’s law-enforcement agencies.

  • Universal, STC’d wing-located camera mount
  • Fully articulated observer seat
  • Oversized, left side observation window
  • Re-contoured headliner for additional headroom w/four point crew harnesses
  • MT 5-blade composite propeller option
  • Observer’s station avionics integration mounting platform