Auxiliary Fuel

aux-fuel-landingFor those times when you need to travel further or loiter longer, Soloy sells and installs optional auxiliary fuel tank systems. Soloy Aviation Solutions provides sales, installation and service of two STC’d auxiliary tank systems: Flint Aero, Inc. and Sierra Industries.



Flint Aero Tip Tanks 30 additional gallons

flint-aero-logoThese are fiberglass thanks that bolt onto the end of the wing and replace the factory tip. The overall span is increased by 36 inches which results in a better climb and above 10,000 feet, an additional 3 or 4 kts in cruise speed. The tanks has its own filler cap and quick drain valve.

Sierra Industries internal 50-gallon aux fuel tanks

sierra-industries-logoSierra Industries has mastered the happy medium between adding fuel and maintaining your plane’s center of gravity. More fuel capacity is added without altering the way you fly.

Made of tough, durable, vulcanized rubber for longevity and safety, the tanks are integrated into the plane’s fuel system without new switches or gauges to worry about. Add nautical miles to your 206.