Camera Mount

Utilizing the C-206’s high wing location, Soloy’s STC wing mounted hardpoint is readily adaptable for the forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras that record in a variety of lights and thermal imaging. The wing mount location is an ideal location for surveillance and patrol and allows for a 360° view.

The mount is adaptable to virtually all the common sized cameras manufactured by all major camera manufacturers such as Flir and L3 up to 100 lbs. Installation is clean and very straight forward and can be readily removed for camera maintenance.

The wing mount location also allows more visibility and better operational awareness to the camera operator. The camera is placed away from the hot exhaust trail and lens damaging exhaust emitted from the engine as well as runway debris. The stability of the wing mount minimizes vibration to/from the airframe for clearer imaging.

An installed camera creates virtually no effect on aircraft handling or safety.