headliner_harness_vertSoloy had received many reports of insufficient rear seat head clearance and uncomfortable pilot / copilot shoulder harness configuration in the Cessna 206H model aircraft for observer activities. In response Soloy developed and certified a headliner retrofit kit that can be installed with or without the Soloy swivel seat installation.

  • Nearly 5 inches of added rear seat head clearance
  • Comfortable 4-point Pilot & Copilot restraint system (color match webbing available)
  • Requires about 20 hours labor to install
  • Weight change less than 1 lb.

FAA STC# SA01688SE issued July, 2006 for all Cessna 206H & T206H Aircraft

Kit # 912-1000-1

Kit shipping weight approx. 21 lbs., Dims: 36″ X 46″ X 6″

Price FOB Olympia, WA.  Price subject to change without notice.