LED Light Kit

Soloy_Landing Lites2The Soloy LED Landing Light Kit installs a second light source on the leading wedge of the right wing to complement the factory installed left wing taxi and landing lights. The kit further converts both sides to LED illumination, creating significant visibility improvement in taxi and landing environments and is compatible with the 50 gallon fuel tanks from Sierra Industries.

DSC_0277Additionally, Soloy’s new kit includes pulse light capability pulsing the landing light between the two wings. This pulse feature will greatly enhance recognition and visibility from other aircraft in high traffic environments.

Each wing will retain its two light bulb configuration. The taxi light uses a diffused lens to cast wider light during taxi operations while the landing light projects a much narrower but far more penetrating beam than the current landing light bulb.

The Sunspot 36HX lights used are from AeroLED and deliver 1000+ lumens at 45W which is comparable to a 100W halogen but at half the required power needed. The LED bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours of operation.