MKII Jump Master

The Soloy MKII Jump Master is configured for skydiving enthusiasts. The Jump Master has become very popular and highly regarded in Europe due to the excellent performance, low direct operating costs and low noise signature. With 28 active aircraft in operation throughout 14 European countries, the unmatched performance, economics and quiet operations of the Soloy 206 have made it the “go to” choice for those who prefer jumping from airplanes as opposed to staying securely seated.

For increased climb rate and reduced noise signature, the 450shp Rolls-Royce turbine engine is mated to a MT-5 blade composite propeller. The MKII is quiet and burns much less fuel than the 208 Caravan often used for jump schools and clubs.

Soloy’s MKII Jump Master kit takes out the back seats so five to six jumpers can safely dive. Special handhold rails, well-designed jump steps and a jump door add to the already powerful and reliable MKII. There’s also interior protection panels and a right hand rudder pedal guard.

The Jump Master can take six jumpers to a jump altitude of 12,000 feet and be back on the ground for more jumpers in 13 minutes, offering jump clubs four jump turns per hour.

Simply unbeatable!