Soloy Cessna 208 Crew Door Restraint System

208 Door Stay 030The Soloy Caravan Door Restraint modification (CDR) utilizes a gas-pressurized actuator, or strut, to open and to control the pilot and/or copilot door of the Cessna 208 Caravan.  The CDR is beneficial in preventing wind damage to the door and airframe, and is designed to hold the door at maximum opening during pilot entry and egress. 

An integral snubber provides shock absorption to soften door motion at the open limit.  The CDR strut mounting is entirely external to the cockpit, and does not in any way impair pilot entry or egress. 

The CDR modification can be field-installed, and requires minimal tools to accomplish.  The STC covers installation of the Caravan Door Restraint on either the pilot or copilot door or both.  Installation labor is estimated at 3 man/hours per door; however a 24 hour Hysol cure time is required. 

Installed weight is 2.2 lbs per door 

Kit P/N 908-1011

Reference Soloy STC SA01542SE