Turbine Pac

The Turbine-Pac is a versatile STC approved turboprop powerplant utilizing the dependable Rolls-Royce 250 series turboshaft engines. It was designed for extreme durability, quiet operation and FOD protection. The Turbine-Pac is available in “pusher” or “tractor” propeller configurations.

While the 420 HP 250-C20S version of the Turbine-Pac is the backbone of more than 80 Soloy Cessna 206 / 207 conversions since certification in 1983, it has also been the selected powerplant for nearly a dozen prototype and experimental aircraft utilizing Rolls-Royce engines ranging in power output from 317 hp to 650 hp.

Pricing and an aircraft installation design guide are available from Soloy’s New Products Manager upon request.

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