AS350 SD

AS350-SDSoloy has completed the development of a conversion kit specifically suited to the B series engine installation and drive train. The SD kit configuration is approved on our existing STC SH5815SW and is based on the popular SD1 kit for the AS350BA and the SD2 kit for the AS350B2. The SD kit includes the same Honeywell LTS101-600A-3A engine used on the SD1 installation and includes 95% of the parts used in the AS350BA and AS350B2 conversions. The differences are primarily in the instruments and instrument markings. Engine Description Sheet

Basic Model: AS350B

Engine: Honeywell LTS101-600A-3A
Engine Limits: Power Ratings (Sea Level ISA)
Take Off (5 Min.)
Maximum Continuous
650 SHP
590 SHP
Helicopter Limits: No Change From Basic Model
Take Off
Maximum Continuous
531 SHP
531 SHP
Weight Limits: No Change From Basic Model
Standard Helicopter
Empty Weight
Useful Load
Maximum All Up Weight
Maximum All Up Weight Ext. Load
2450 lbs.
1850 lbs.
4300 lbs.
4630 lbs.