The Soloy Super D developed by Eagle Helicopters is based on the original AS350D model helicopter. This conversion utilizes all original Eurocopter AS350D parts and components and can be installed into AS350D and AS350B model helicopters under Soloy STC’s SR00772SE and SH5815SW. The Soloy package includes installation documentation only and is available for $20,000 USD.

Basic Models: AS350D & AS350B

Engine: Honeywell LTS101-600A-3A
Engine Limits: Power Ratings (Sea Level ISA)Take Off (5 Min.)

Maximum Continuous

650 SHP590 SHP
Helicopter Limits: No Change From Basic ModelTake Off

Maximum Continuous

564 SHP531 SHP
Weight Limits: No Change From Basic ModelStandard Helicopter

Empty Weight

Useful Load

Maximum All Up Weight

Maximum All Up Weight Ext. Load

2670 lbs.1960 lbs.

4630 lbs.

4961 lbs.