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Soloy Publications Department wants to provide the best possible service in delivering publications to our customers.  We welcome your input or suggestions and look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us at

Soloy Aviation Solutions issues a set of publications with each conversion purchased.  It is the customer’s choice to receive paper copies or electronic copies of these publications.  These publications, whether paper or electronic, include revision service for the balance of the current calendar year.

Yearly subscription service runs from January 1 through December 31 of each year.

All electronic publications will be the most current edition of each publication. (Delivered via the Soloy website)

Flight Manual Supplements available through the website are always current but are for reference only.  If they are printed they are “Uncontrolled Copies.”  Revisions to the flight manual supplements will be supplied at no additional charge,  in paper format to all publication subscribers.

If you have a requirement for one particular publication only, please contact Soloy Publications Department direct for pricing.

If your paper manuals are out of date, you must purchase a new manual.  Previous revisions are not available once they have been sent out.  Additional and/or replacement manuals are also available.

In the event of transfer of ownership, Soloy Aviation Solutions MUST BE NOTIFIED of the new operator, including accurate address, contact information, aircraft model, manufacturer’s serial number, registration number and previous owner in order to provide service.  Such information should be forwarded to the attention of the Technical Publications Department at Soloy.

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Soloy Model No. Description STC
350 Soloy Allstar AS350D & B only with Rolls-Royce 250-C30M Engine SH3324NM
350 Soloy Allstar AS350B & D with BA Performance & AS350BA with Rolls-Royce 250-C30M Engine SH3324NM
680 Bell 206L Helicopter SH4169NM
680 Bell 206BIII Helicopter, Non-Performance Improvement Model SH4179NM
680 Bell 206BIII Helicopter, Performance Improvement Model SH4729NM
763 Soloy Mark I Cessna 206G SA2353NM
763 Soloy Mark I Cessna T206H/206H SA2353NM
764 Soloy Cessna 207 SA3322NM
766 Soloy Mark II Cessna T206H/206H SA01878SE
780 Soloy Turbine Pac   (Applicable to Soloy Cessna 206G, 206H and Soloy Cessna 207 Conversions and used in conjunction with the Soloy Cessna 206G, 206H and Soloy Cessna 207 Publications) SE2352NM
900 Soloy SD2 AS350B2 with Honeywell Engine SR01647SE
909  Soloy Cessna 206 Dual Wing Mounted Landing & Taxi Light System SA02271SE
916 Soloy FLIR Camera Mount SA02748AT
920 Soloy SD1 Eurocopter AS350BA Converted after 2/28/07 IAW MDL920-100 SR00805SE
921 Soloy SD Eurocopter AS350B Converted after 5/24/12 IAW MDL921-100 SH5815SW
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